Cemetery Confessions 21: Goth and the Media

Our guest this month is Dr. Marjorie Yambor, professor at Western Kentucky University.

Welcome to episode 21 of Cemetery Confessions! On this month’s episode we are talking about mainstream perceptions of goth, movie news, and a review of the new album from High-Functioning Flesh. For the philosophy corner we have guest Dr. Marjorie Yambor to talk about the importance of, and goths relationship with, the media. We also have listener feedback, sinister suggestions and more.

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~Show Updates~

News: 11:10

Lorde Brings Back Goth

Quick News:

Blade 4 34:07
Crow Remake Update 38:06
Neo Closes After 36 Years 41:44
Satanic Temple Statue 46:45

Album Review: 49:20

High-Functioning Flesh

Philosophy Corner: 1:12:30

This month we are going to talk about media and it’s influence on the goth subculture. As underground as goth is, micromedia and mainstream media have played large parts in the cultures proliferation, recruitment, and reinforcement of community bonds. From goth acts gone mainstream in the 80’s like The Cure, to webzines and goth specific media like propaganda and Gothic Beauty, to moral panics like that of the Columbine massacre. Media has even had influences on the cultures sexual expressions, preferences for feminine aesthetic, tourism, comodification, and the rules and coda that define membership for ingroups. We are going to explore these topics so that we may better understand how these inside, and often outside influences shape and affect our lives and the goth culture.

~E-mail~ 2:20:20

Sinister Suggestions: 2:27:30

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