The mission of 'The Belfry' is to bring together various facets of dark and goth culture; to support and empower those of us who march to a different drum. The content presented here is made possible by people who are passionate about the culture and the participants who find a home therein. We aim to grow our content to include more podcasts, bloggers, YouTubers and others, in an effort to strengthen the bonds through which we connect. Here you can find a home and a haven to connect with others of similar tastes and inclinations.

Under the 'Podcasts' tab you will find a list of audio shows that each address a different aspect and perspective of the culture. Cemetery Confessions is a goth talk show, Horror Addicts is a horror news, review, and audio drama show, Gothropology is an anthropology and spirituality based radio show, GothCast is a podcast focused on the history of goth music, The Morbid Curiosity Podcast plumbs the depths of unsolved mysteries, The Midnite Lounge features popular horror hosts from TV's Midnite Mausoleum,  The Dark Light is a vampire audio drama, Necromancy Radio is an interview podcast featuring musicians and artists, I Confess is a short form social commentary on goth, and The Requiem has several DJ's spinning new music for you each week.

To get access to each podcast when new episodes are released, subscribe to the master feed on iTunes or by downloading the free Belfry Network App.

We also currently bring together several bloggers sharing their thoughts about the world; you can read those entries by clicking the 'article' link under the 'Blog' tab.

Finally under the 'Links' tab, you will find an ever growing list of goth and darkly inclined friends of ours around the web producing more content you may be interested in.