CAT - DJ Mistress McCutchan The New Jersey born, NYC hardened, and Toronto based Mistress McCutchan has been involved in the Goth scene since high school and DJing regularly for more than 20 years. She is holding down the regular Prophecy party with fellow ex-pat The Wasteland. Their flyers have cat imagery on them. When not DJing, she directs two tribal bellydance troupes, makes jewellery, and is a UI/UX designer and teacher.

BAT - Batty von Bats The trip started in rural Ontario and took Batty to Ottawa then to Toronto. While in university, he was introduced goth and industrial music. Then, at 32 he drunkenly decided to become a DJ and promoter. Since then he has become an accomplished DJ and concert promoter. Currently he holds down residency at Darkness Forever with his DJ partner, The FUnicorn, and is one of the founders of ALTÆR, along with Mistress McCutchan.