Gender Identity with Parma Ham - Cemetery Confessions

Our guest this month is fashion artist, DJ/promoter for Torture Garden, Slimlight, and Monster Queen and curator Parma Ham.

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Fluidity of Culture 5:45

Gender in Goth 14:15

Fashion in Extremity 40:15

Goth and the Internet 49:00

Album Review: 1:02:45
Second Still

Sinister Suggestions: 1:15:00
-Delusions of Gender
-The Left Hand of Darkness
-ContraPoints: What is Gender
-ContraPoints: Pronouns
-Judith Butler
-Special Interest


The Count

I have been a part of the goth subculture since I was 16. I am the owner and creator of The Requiem Podcast which has been around since early 2008 and also podcast award nominee Cemetery Confessions. I am also known as DJ Count. I am married, and a father to a beautiful baby bat named Link.