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This weekend I interviewed Eyajo December Joseph from LA Deathrock outfit Black Heroin Gallery. Eyajo’s career spans over 25 years in the early years with a band known as The Baby Dolls, then after meeting Daniel Ian became co-songwriter and keyboardist for the Astrovamps from 1991-2007. First and foremost a poet, self-taught guitarist, illustrator, magazine creator and editor and now vocalist for Black Heroin Gallery, he’s a very busy man. However, he still took the time to chat with me over 2 hours of conversation about his life growing up in Lafayette, Indiana, getting a one way ticket to Los Angeles, forming a band, learning to play just like John Taylor and being a self-confessed Duran Duran fan. Eyajo’s southern charm is definitely addictive. He was so easy to talk to, we laughed a lot and even though my interviews generally span over one hour, this week we have 2 hours split over 2 episodes – Part One & Part 2.

Black Heroin Gallery now is a 3 piece being Eyajo (Vocals), Tony F Corpse (Drums) and Curtis aka Kris Fantom (Guitar). They’ve been rehearsing to release a second album and to start preparing for some live shows. I believe next year possibly getting a slot at WGT as well. The music is definitely reminiscent of Sex Gang Children, Ausgang and dare I say Cinema Strange. The eerie nature of this storytelling in Eyajo’s lyrics is also combined with a garage guitar sound that also eludes to even metal in parts. Released on German record label ‘Alice in…’ the band’s success was assisted by Frank D’Angelo as Ejayo’s first band, The Astrovamps, were first were signed and that relationship continued with his new band Black Heroin Gallery. Alice in… are also responsible for releasing other artists like William Faith, Monica Richards, Corpus Delicti, Bloody Dead & Sexy and Suspiria to name a few.

Eyajo is also the editor in chief for the magazine Pestilent Windfolk. This is a new publication that has been in circulation since Issue 1, Winter (USA) 2016. This is what drew me to the band initially as good friend Victoria Fashen had a copy and I just had to own it. It’s an epic 88 page black and white glossy magazine containing artwork, 14 interviews with underground post-punk, deathrock and artists from around the world. It’s a dying art, the production of magazines and as we discuss it the interview, Eyajo is not about to start compromising the content by releasing it more than once a year. For now. Issue 2 is already in production – watch this space!


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