Dark Industrial Frequencies - The Requiem

The Count:
Wumpscut - Ich Will Dich
VNV Nation - Cold (Remix by MIG 29)
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - Leathersex

DJ Depraved: 
Absurd Minds - One World
Andy Bell - Crazy (New 2017 Radio Edit)
Blutengel - Alle Wunden
Voicecoil - Screaming to the Sky
Psy'Aviah - Alone (Radio Edit)

DJ Dante's Prayer:
Namnambulu - Idol
Mr Kitty - Habits (Feat. Pastel Ghost)
HexHeart - Nothing

Last Track:
Front Line Assembly - Mindphaser (Edited Version)

The Count

I have been a part of the goth subculture since I was 16. I am the owner and creator of The Requiem Podcast which has been around since early 2008 and also podcast award nominee Cemetery Confessions. I am also known as DJ Count. I am married, and a father to a beautiful baby bat named Link.