Immortal Legends NYE Special - Necromancy Radio

Tonight’s show ‘Immortal Legends’ is to celebrate all of the incredible talent from those who have contributed to our lives and shaped music history like no other year has left us before. I have uploaded tracks from legends – Prince, David Bowie, George Michael and more.

It’s been a difficult year to comprehend but let it be a reminder that death and immortality is in they eye of the beholder. Legends and their legacies are immortal. I can’t remember the time’s I’ve listened to Bowies music, cried to George Michaels emotional album Ladies and Gentleman, had way too many beers listening to The Eagles or destroying countless sets of headphones due to pure decibel destruction. This is the beauty of art and music creation, it never dies, even if physically things break or people leave us.

I hope you enjoy this show and remember these outstanding individuals in style while you welcome 2017 with a glass of something fabulous! Normally I would have an interview prepared but it is the season to be jolly and quite frankly, this needed to be done! I hope you enjoy my rambling and selected tracks. As discussed throughout the show, you can find links to all of the music I have mentioned and selected YouTube videos below. Wishing you all a spectacular 2017!

Thanks for listening.



The Count

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