Black Out in the Bat House - The Requiem

Black Out in the Bat House : Episode 34
Dj. Ely Bat

1.The Brain Eaters - ballad of arcane (Sorority Mix)
2.Alaska Y Los Pegamoides- el jardín
3.B-Movie- another false dawn
4.Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Jinx
5.PHANTOM - the hunter
6.Disjecta Membra - Lilitu
7.Diat - nightmare
8.The Merry Thoughts - low violet
9.Polansky y el Ardor - cruzando el rubicón
10.pulsewidthmod -  never ending
11.Under Two Flags - lest we forget
12.The Texas Vamps - if I don't wake up today
13.Ghost Noise - teen veins


The Count

I have been a part of the goth subculture since I was 16. I am the owner and creator of The Requiem Podcast which has been around since early 2008 and also podcast award nominee Cemetery Confessions. I am also known as DJ Count. I am married, and a father to a beautiful baby bat named Link.