Cemetery Confessions 019 - Mental Illness

Welcome to episode 19 of Cemetery Confessions, on this episode we discuss how the age of social media has affected the subculture, the post punk era, happy goths, and punk rock. We are reviewing the new album from :Wumpscut:, and for the philosophy corner we are taking a look at mental illness.

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What Are You Drinking: 11:30
-Red's Wicked Ale
-Stone Brewing's 2015 Old Guardian Ale

News: 13:30

-Social Media and Affects on Goth 14:18

-Has Goth Music Lost it's Edge?  34:05

-Goth and Happy 52:50

Quick News:
-The Craft Remake 1:09:25
-Twin Peaks Update 1:13:15
-Kate Beckinsale Back in Underworld 1:18:42

Album Review:
Blut Spuker Tavern - Wumpscut 1:20:10

Philosophy Corner: 1:48:20

We are taking a look how to deal with, identify, and live with mental illness, how to combat the stigma of mental illness, our personal life stories, and a lot more.

Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
You can webchat on their website.
Text “GO” to 741-741

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Daily Strength

ABC News Article

Sinister Suggestions: 3:03:20
-The Art of Gothic
-Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division

~Bonus Content~ 3:10:00