Dr. Jymie Darling - Gothropology

Gothropology is a show that discusses spirituality, ancient traditions, social deconstruction and more with your host Brit-El Mabourakh. On today’s show, Brit-El interviews Dr. Jymie Darling, a Ph. D in ancient religions, an alchemist, botanist, occultist, teacher, a business owner two times over. First with the nation’s oldest occult store, Panpipes Magickal Marketplace in Hollywood, and second with Babylon Gardens Apothecary



Brit-El Mabourakh is the host of Gothropology, an anthropology-centric podcast with a Goth twist. A journalism major, Brit-El intends to continue broadcasting long after graduation. She is a scorpio, a Druid, and leans most towards Victorian Goth. Her primary interests are spirituality, ancient traditions, human sexuality, mortality and natural medicine- using food as medicine, herbal remedies, aromatherapy etc. She also makes soap and excitedly reads Tolkien in her spare time.