Cemetery Confessions 001 - A Grave New World

The first episode of Cemetery Confessions is unavailable due to the nature of a first episode. The audio is poor, the format is strange, and the content is weak and awkward. If you REALLY want to hear this substandard episode for historical purposes, send an email to CemeteryConfessions@gmail.com, and we will send you the file.

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Cemetery Confessions!

-Früh Kölsch - Brauerei Früh am Dom -Take the Black Stout - Ommegang
Take the Black Stout – Ommegang

Album Review: Kindred - Monica Richards

Kylie a goth?
Is goth a trend?
New news on The Crow reboot!

Horror Movie Review: In a Glass Cage

Sinister Suggestions: Nephelim Incoruptus Youtube Channel


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