I was first exposed to the goth scene via the song Dark Romantics when I was 14, and I've been exploring the social and academic aspect of the subculture I call home ever since.

I was a live goth and industrial DJ for a number of years, beginning when I was 19. I created the moniker DJ Count, and have gone by "The Count" since then. I DJ'd a number of high profile concerts and club events from 2007 - 2009. In February of 2008 I started The Requiem Industrial Club Podcast, after having been uploading DJ mixes to P2P servers a year before hand. As the years went on and I added more DJ's to the podcast, I found myself wanting something more, some form of goth talk show that had been sorely missing from spaces like youtube. So in February 2014 I launched Cemetery Confessions, as the world’s first and only goth talk podcast. Since then I've created The Belfry Network, a collective of podcasts focused on subcultural issues, in an effort to promote quality content aimed at goths.

I have been married since late 2012, and am a father to a beautiful baby bat named Link.

Aside from having a passion for the goth community, I am spend much of my time keeping up with sociology, cognitive science, neurobiology and philosophy topics. I am a nerd, a gamer (video and tabletop), a horror movie fan, a beer connoisseur, an atheistic pagan, and lover of learning. You can e-mail me at, Cemetery Confessions [at] gmail [dot] com

You can find some personal videos about me including my goth wedding on YouTube.