Misogyny and Industrial - Cemetery Confessions

Our guests this month are James and Trae.

Welcome to episode 23 of Cemetery Confessions! On this months episode we are talking about what is and isn’t respectful to do in a cemetery, and why young people don’t want to be part of subcultures. We are reviewing an album from Lycia, and for the philosophy corner we are talking about industrial music, sexism, and where they intersect.

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For more information about the study proposing goths are more likely to be depressed or self harm, follow this link.

News: 7:45

-Graveyard Workouts
-Why Young People Don't Want to be Part of a Tribe 22:05
              -Subculture or Neo-Tribe?

Album Review: 55:45

-Lycia - A Line That Connects

Philosophy Corner: 1:22:30

This month we are talking about misogyny/sexism as portrayed or perpetrated in industrial music, as well as gender roles, and the treatment of women within the music industry. We’ll talk about social and cultural effects, look at some specific examples of sexism, and discuss what responsibility adherents to the scene have.

Goth Culture: Gender, Sexuality, and Style
On Misogyny in Industrial
Misogyny in Industrial Music
DJing While Female in NYC
Female Experience in the Industrial Scene

Sinister Suggestions: 3:06:11

-We Have a Technical Podcast
-Scream Queens (TV show)