Cemetery Confessions 22 - Goth's Loss of Mystery

Our guests this month are Laila Autumn, Nephilim Incorruptus, and Trae Gunning.

We also have an interview with Helmut of the X Talk Podcast in Austria.

On this month's episode we are talking with guest podcaster Helmut about the Austrian goth scene and what the cultural similarities and differences are, we review the new album from Ashbury Heights, we discuss the mystery of goth and whether or not it's disappearing, and we close the show with sinister suggestions and audience e-mails.

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Interview: 0:3:45

We are talking with Helmut of the X Talk Cast, a podcast that interviews those of import within the dark alternative scene in Austria.

Album Review: 0:50:40

Ashbury Heights

Philosophy Corner: 1:06:05

This months philosophy corner was conceptualized from a YouTube video by Jwlhyfer, and spurred on by a subsequent discussion on Nephilims facebook page. So I’ve gathered several members of the goth scene, representing various age groups and backgrounds, to try and hash this out and present multiple perspectives on the subject. That subject of course, being the mystery of goth, and whether or not it still exists.

The Reddit Discussion

E-mails 3:24:19