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An unexpected email from Nick Schultz found me preparing an interview with legendary frontman of The Faces of Sarah just before I went to the UK in April. I know, it’s June. However! You will now know that The Faces of Sarah released a new album in February called ‘Memorium’. If you are still tuning in to my show, you will know, that for some reason Necromancy Radio manages to attract some lovely people, artists with major kudos as well as myself being able to get away with saying anything I want…. because it’s my show, and not yours.

Formed in London in the late 90s out of a shared love of Goth and Alt rock, The Faces of Sarah have evolved over the years to reflect the various influences of the musicians involved in the journey so far.

Through releasing Belief (1999) Twenty Four (2000) Misery Turns (2001) Impurity (2004) Lament (2006) and Past Life (2014) the band have built a loyal fan base and notched up over half a million views on YouTube collectively

In this time Nick Schultz also lent his vocal talents to a wealth of solo and collaborative projects, most notably The Eden House’s ‘Timeflows’ album and acclaimed MMXVIII by Sensorium, featuring ex Fields of the Nephilim musicians.

Fast forward to 2019 and the long anticipated new album ‘Memorium’ is scheduled for release in February: Produced by Simon Rippin (Nephilim, NFD, Grooving  in Green) the sound is very much a return to the band’s goth roots at it’s core but as a collaborative piece of work with a fresh line up and guest musicians in the studio, the feel is multi faceted musically and deeply reflective lyrically.

With an ever expanding diary of live dates across Europe to promote ‘Memorium’, 2019 is set to be The Faces of Sarah’s busiest year to date.





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