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This week Necromancy Radio exclusively interviews one of the most iconic female gothic rock icons of today, Monica Richards. Monica is most known as the female vocalist for Faith and The Muse and prior to that Madhouse and Strange Boutique, as well as her solo career. In recent years, she has been working on new music and recording as one of the front women for UK based collective, The Eden House. The Eden House is a collaborative musical project, initiated by Stephen Carey (formerly of This Burning Effigy and Adoration) and involving a collection of guest musicians and vocalists; later joined by Tony Pettitt (formerly of Fields of the Nephilim and Rubicon).

It’s more important now than ever to support music, the artists that make it and to keep a generation of people loved and appreciated so we can continue their legacies. During the interview Monica also talks about the need to create and the diminishing value of music and art today. The love of creating things by hand, the appreciation of lyrics and being able to cut through the noise is of concern to most artists – Monica makes no secret of now learning to live in a world that is very different to the one she grew up in. I think this interview with Monica made so much sense and I hope we can all continue to love and remember not only what the scene was, but continue to create new passions and new music for generations to come as part of the gothic subculture.

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