The 90's to Now: Have We Changed? - Cemetery Confessions

This month we are taking a look at an article from the early 90’s discussing the music of the time, the burgeoning interconnectedness of a global culture, and notions of authenticity and being called a poser. We’ve got a review of the new album from Nox Novacula, Sinister Suggestions, and more!

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Our guests this month are Harley and Jon!


A Reflection on the 90’s

How Has Music Changed 13:00

Is ‘Poser’ and Gatekeeping Still Useful Today 26:43

Was Religion Ever an Element of Goth Identity 45:42

Vampirism and Goth 56:00

Album Review: 1:06:00
Nox Novacula

Sinister Suggestions: 1:16:04

-VtM 5th Edition
-Ritual Howls
-The Haunting of Hill House
-His Dark Materials
-Derren Brown’s Sacrifice

What’s Next For Cemetery Confessions 1:26:00


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