Next Great Horror Writter Contest - Horror Addicts

Horror Addicts Episode# 147
SEASON 12 - The Next Great Horror Writer Contest


Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich

Judge: H.E. Roulo

Guest Judge: Frank H. Woodward

Intro Music by: Valentine Wolfe



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52 Days till Halloween

Halloween stuff, Frank interview #97


Intro of judges, prizes, and contest.

Review of the 10 Audiodramas


Contestants: Feind Gottes, Naching T. Kassa, Jess Landry, Sumiko Saulson, Cat Voleur, Jonathan Fortin, Adele Marie Park, JC Martinez, Harry Husbands, Daphne Strasert.


HA.Net News: Audiodrama version Emerian Rich & Kirk Warrington voices

*Jesse Orr's new installment of The Scarlett Dahlia

*DJ Pitsiladis Nightmare Fuel, The Town that Dreaded Sundown

*Kbatz Frightening Flix: Brimstone

*David's Haunted Library features: The Howling 2

*GB: J.C. Eickelberg - Pet Cemetery fan art.

*PR: Entertaining Demons by Daniel I. Russell

*PR: Kingdoms of Sorrow by JK Franks


*PR: Puff

*Backwoods Bonfire by Essel Pratt

*By the Fire - David Watson

*#NGHW News - Kenzie Kordic

* Horror Bites: Alice’s Scars

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Contestant interview wishes.


Dead Mail:

*Stacy: King or Koontz?

*Bokeh movie, packing - out of control?

*Which HA format do you like?

* Xbox App? Apple TV and Roku App

*Harold: Kevin Macleod, Dead World Journals

*Russell: Love Horror Addicts Guide to Life


Judges deliberate.

Next challenge announced.

Winner announced - Audiodrama played.


“Broken Pieces” by Valentine Wolfe blog Kindle syndicated Facebook group.



Write in re: ideas, questions, opinions, horror cartoons, favorite movies, etc...


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