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This week on Necromancy Radio, I spoke with front man Jacques Saph from the Helsinki death rock band, Virgin in Veil. Jacques is the true Renaissance man – I say this because not only is he the co-writer and vocalist for the band, but also a multi-instrumentalist, philanthropist and his societal views on vegansim and anti-fascism are revealed in this interview. You may know him as the founder of Sleeping Children from Paris and other projects Secular Plague and Masquerade.

Jacques was born and raised in the city of Paris and for 25 years this was his home. Self taught on the guitar, he was originally inspired by the Sex Pistols and The Cure, knowing he would one day, with hard work, play and travel the world writing songs and performing on stage.

After meeting his wife Suzi Sabotage and without ever having visited Finland before, he moved to Helsinki in the Summer of 2014, fell in love and the rest is history. Formed in 2015, Virgin in Veil was as a result of meeting their drummer William as he was living in Helsinki, as he was half french, half Finnish and literally speaking the same language, Jacques quickly started writing music with him as the first member. Suzi Sabotage who later joined the band, is the backing vocalist and synth player. Virgin in Veil are a notable act on the death rock circuit, having toured heavily with almost 40 shows under their belt in Europe, Russia, LA and Mexico, they play amongst 210 bands over 4 days at this years Wave Gotik Treffen next weekend on Friday June 2.

Current line-up:

Jacques Saph: Vocals/Bass
Suzi Sabotage: Synth/Backing Vocals
Rudy Soininen: Guitar
William Freyermuth: Drums

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