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Having launched Necromancy on the 8th of October this year, 8 weeks go, 888, I find myself working to another timeline. Something I wanted to avoid now being a free agent of my own volition. However, when you’re speaking to someone like Y from the band Remain in Light, everything tends to make sense, despite the fact he made you get out of bed early. We set up the interview after a bit of fluffing about with audio, but the end result was one of the best Necromancy interviews to date.

Remain in Light is a gothic rock/post punk band. It rose from the ashes of older punk and new wave formations in 2010 the year the terrible economic crisis burst in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Y on bass, Snow on guitar (both x-the Grimes) and S. “Reverb” G. (x-Fear Condition) formed the initial incarnation of the band who produced a dozen gothic rock tracks within a few months.

Since, the band has undergone several personnel changes, had for years simultaneously 2 basses (!) and is now a quartet whose members are:

2016 Line up:

Y (guitar/lyrics/music)
Elder K (vocals)
Constantine Lado (bass)
Ghoul (drums, synths)
Y is the only remaining founding member of the current band.

Remain in Light has had airplay on gothic rock / post punk internet radio stations like Cathedral 13, Cruel Britannia’s Fadeout on Nightbreed radio, radio Dunkle Welle, more than once on Mick Mercer Radio, while many of their tracks appeared on compilations like For the Bats Vol II (released on the 3rd March 2015).

The band released a self produced 6-track mini-LP “Introduction to a Dream”, in October 2013, as a digital download and as a physical -limited edition of 300- CD in early 2014. Their second release dates from 2016 and is an LP entitled “Splinters in Arcadia”. The digital version (available on Bandcamp) contains 6 tracks while the cd format is enhanced with remixes (one by DJ Cruel Britannia) and live tracks.

A first limited edition vinyl (45 rpm) single“Walk through the Sleet and the Rain” was released in 2013. In 2015 a second (split w/ the Moon In June) vinyl 45′ was also released containing their single “Dead Alaska”.

In the summer of 2014 R.i.L was selected to open for Christian Death’s 30th anniversary gig in Thessaloniki and in November 2016 the band opened for And also the Trees.

Currently Remain in Light, is promoting their recent release.

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