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SoundCloud is where I first discovered Bat Nouveau. It’s the place where you can discover new music made by unknown artists as well as float in a pool of successful acts that only like to do things their way. By searching for gothic rock, I was able to discover a band that’s been around for almost 10 years and have invested in a few of their vinyl. If you like the traditional chorus sounds of The Cure and primal screams of early Bauhaus, this band is for you.

I have been listening to their music since around 2010. Formed on the Gold Cost, New Zealand born lead singer Todd Manion formed the band with guitarist Alex Palmer. The two met on MySpace as an online collaboration and initially formed the band under the name of 13 bats. I spoke with Todd Manion about local bands, his earliest influences, crowd petitions that put them on the map to support acts like Peter Murphy and then to follow on, Gary Numan. Although Todd has moved to Melbourne in the last 2 years, the duo are experiencing a long distance relationship, I am assured there is new music on the horizon despite this indefinite hiatus.

It’s nice to actually talk to the one of the makers of the music you enjoy so much. It was a great conversation and I hope you enjoy this interview and get into discovering their music. You can purchase recordings on Bandcamp and follow them in the social media links below.

Todd Manion is currently working on a new project called ‘Tortures” with 2017 on the horizon.


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