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Necromancy Radio recently spoke with Metal Temptress and Australian front woman for the band As Angels Bleed, Avelina De Moray. Avelina is super talented vocalist, pianist, guitarist, photographer, vampiric artist, web developer, product designer and all round artisté. Born and raised in Sydney, Avelina’s introduction to music started with playing piano at an early age, going to grunge concerts in the 90s and having taken guitar lessons from her now husband, Von Lehmann. The couple have shared 15 year partnership as writers and producers for the band As Angels Bleed, not to mention previously been offered touring contracts with international labels. They released their first full length self-title album in 2013 and you can find their music on iTunes. They are proud to be self-made, have their own recording studio and continue to create new music independently.

Avelina’s passion for vampire art and the romance of immortality is subject matter of most of her work and the execution of her art direction on photoshoots and blood making is impressive. You can also view these on her website and of course they are all for sale. She is quite the entrepreneur when it comes to her marketing of ideas and lines of jewellery, t-shirts and merchandise.

Avelina in recent times has been uploading tales of adventure on her YouTube channel as well as collaborating with other gothic creatives and models such as ReeRee Phillips and also to be released upcoming project with Drak Makens. Avelina’s other passions lie in design and fashion. She loves to create and has designed a series of clutch purses that are soley branded for the person intended. Her original clutch purse (which I have) is a black faux snake skin number with red satin lining and her own trademarked logo of a silver bat with ‘Avelina De Moray’ stamped into the badging. It’s a classic item and I can recommend this for an all round go to vampire clutch with class. The latest design developed is ReeRee Phillips Clutch with purple suede accents and black vegan leather, features diamonté bling, a bat winged clasp and purple damask detail.

I look forward to seeing more of Avelina’s designs, music, followings and endeavours for 2017. You can follow her on all the social links below as well as check out her website for the latest news, art and adventures. As Angels Bleed also have a website for music sales, touring information and contact business enquiries.

She’s a total babe with a killer voice. Check her out and share the love!

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