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This week on Necromancy Radio, I interviewed American Actress and Gothic YouTuber, Angela Benedict. Born and raised in New York City, Angela has spent the best part of her youth immersed in the Gothic subculture, collecting, creating, participating and in her most recent contribution online, her self-titled YouTube channel – “Angela Benedict – Full of WTF since the 80s”.

The content of her channel is predominately commentary on ‘Goth in the 90s’. As Post Punk left the shores of the UK in the late 80’s a new wave of Gothic Rock hit the States. Clubs, events, music, romance and a scene that was thriving on the very essence of what it means to be Gothic today. Creation, collaboration, participation and a love for the mystery of romance, darkness and beating the drum to dispel myths about our unique tribe. Raised with Italian heritage with Brooklyn and Queens in her DNA, Angela has a hell of a lot of fight in her – a real pocket rocket.

Angela is the quintessential Libra being ruled by the planet Venus, seeks to find truth by responding to the most part of her almost 20,000 subscribers almost every day. Not to mention her penchant for being surrounded beauty and art. When asked “What is the driving force for creating content for her channel?” She adamantly responded with, “Memories – I want Goth back!”

Angela’s content is die-hard romantic retellings, the diarising of her beliefs in the way things were, relayed to the next generation of Goths and her audience that you can digest in passionate doses. She has a strong, opinionated presence, but at the same time, the ability to charm and disarm.

It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Angela. If you haven’t already checked her out, you can find her in the links below as a starting point. If you are living in New York, there is also discussion about a new club opening called ‘Night of 1,000 Reunions’.

You too might share her vision, maybe hit the dance floor and if you haven’t already, fall in love from across a crowded room.


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