Blackout in the Bat House - The Requiem

 Black Out in the Bat House : Episode 30
 Dj. Ely BaT
1: Vitesse - When Nothing's Changed
2: Soviet Soviet - Lokomotiv
3: Blood Bitch - acid tongue
4: Gangue Morcego - Olhos Incertos
5: Veil Of Light – Shoulders
6: Abecedarians - They Said Tomorrow
7: Balzac - The World Without End
8: Third Circle - Kola
9: Every New Dead Ghost - She's Waiting
10: The Hearse - Dead City
11: Death In Dresden - The Clip
12: The Spiritual Bat - Mosaic
13: Die Unbekannten - casualties


The Count

I have been a part of the goth subculture since I was 16. I am the owner and creator of The Requiem Podcast which has been around since early 2008 and also podcast award nominee Cemetery Confessions. I am also known as DJ Count. I am married, and a father to a beautiful baby bat named Link.