Occult & Ourselves - Gothropology

Gothropology is an anthropology & psychology-centric show that discusses ancient traditions, spirituality, sex, death and why we do what we do with your host Brit-El Mabourakh. Today’s guest Brandon Wyse expounds on the occult: LaVeyan Satanism, Aleister Crowley, and the lessons learned from his journey across traditions. Now a screenwriter and Christian, Brandon’s insight from 17 years of swimming the waters of the occult is utterly compelling.


The Count

I have been a part of the goth subculture since I was 16. I am the owner and creator of The Requiem Podcast which has been around since early 2008 and also podcast award nominee Cemetery Confessions. I am also known as DJ Count. I am married, and a father to a beautiful baby bat named Link.