Cemetery Confessions 20: Religion

Our guest this month is Daniel Berkov-Hopkins of the band, The Lazarus Gene.

On this month’s episode we are talking about how goth is related to feminism, and cultural appropriation. We are reviewing the new album from She Past Away, and for the philosophy corner we are talking about religion.

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~Guest Introduction~ 0:1:18

Show News: 0:15:50
-The Belfry
-The Big Seance Podcast

What are you Drinking 0:17:35

News: 0:20:05
- Feminism in Goth Culture
- Native American and Tribal Goth: Cultural Appropriation

Quick News: 1:33:28
- Punk is Dead
- Sandman Movie Update
- Girl Sent Home from School for Being Goth

Album Review: 1:40:40

-She Past Away

Philosophy Corner: 2:04:45

This month, as I’m sure you inferred from the title, we are going to explore the world of religion. As goths, many of us are drawn to more intellectual pursuits, and enjoy exploring existential and philosophical topics. However what affect does this have on our thought processes when it comes to religion, and should our goth identity have an affect, can causation be found there, or is goth truly devoid of any religious affiliation. I feel goths especially, are more likely to agree, an important aspect of the human condition is the spiritual. We so often focus on death, and with that comes a contemplation of the afterlife. Well, thankfully we have an expert with us, who can help traverse these themes and perhaps chart some of these correlations.

Sinister Suggestions: 3:07:40

-Dracula Clothing
-The Hearse