Cemetery Confessions 018 - Goth Without a Scene

On this month’s episode we discuss public discrimination, whether music has any meaning to the goth subculture anymore, and why Peter Murphy is so arrogant. We are reviewing the new album from The Rezillos, and finally we talk about leaving the goth scene and what it’s like to be goth without social participation.

Our guest this month is Moose, aka DJDirtyMessiah


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Big Announcement: The Belfry is now live on iTunes and the new website. 17:00

What Are you Drinking: 23:00
Westvleteren 12


-Cybergoth kicked out of pub 26:00
-Music subcultures are losing their definition 35:30
-The Goth Phase: An exploration in persona 1:10:42
-Peter Hook on Bauhaus 1:39:15

Quick News:

-Twin Peaks reboot update 1:54:35
-Pope concerned about sexy vampires 1:57:25
-Goth habitats quickly disappearing 1:59:00

Album Review:

The Rezillos return with their first album since 1978. 2:00:35

Philosophy Corner: 2:15:30

It’s been said, the core of goth culture revolves around the club. That is where we meet, mingle, create friendships, express ourselves, and explore the culture. However what happens for those who don’t have a goth club, or those who are disabled, or have children, or a 60 hour a week job, etc. What happens when we get fed up with the local scene due to infighting or politics? How do you carry on in your daily life still knowing who you are in your "gothdom" without needing that coveted approval.

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-Listener Feedback and E-mails- 3:21:00