DJ Gomez's Best of 2015

I will admit that I haven't been exposed to as much music as I would have liked in 2015. Notably absent from my top 10 list is really anything in the industrial genre. This doesn't necessarily mean that nothing good came out this year on that front; it simply means that my tastes have skewed more toward post-punk as of late. By no means is this top 10 list gospel, and I encourage everyone to explore the many bands and other goth/industrial subgenres outside the list. For me, however, these 10 albums encompass the very best of what I've heard over the past 12 months. So let's begin the countdown:

10. Beach House - Depression Cherry
After hearing the album "Bloom", I was hooked on Beach House and had been highly anticipating the album's follow-up. Beach House actually released 2 new albums this year, but this was the only one i was able to listen to. Although not as deeply emotional and melodic as "Bloom", I really enjoyed this one and was reminded of My Bloody Valentine through portions of the album

9. Ashbury Heights - The Looking Glass Society
While I wasn’t a fan of the “rave sound” that seemed to permeate throughout this album, Ashbury Heights has always had a knack for crafting memorable and catchy melodies. I was a huge fan of Take Care Paramour when it was released, so I had some pretty high expectations for this follow-up. If they had stayed with their synthpop sound of the earlier albums, it would have probably made it higher on my top 10 list

8. Lebanon Hanover- Besides the Abyss
I discovered this band about 2 years ago and was intrigued with their blend of post-punk and minimal synth. The female vocals are also very unique and bring images of an empty eastern European wasteland to mind. Not to mention the numerous music videos on Youtube that visually portray the emptiness and minimalism that this band presents. The 2015 album Besides the Abyss moves away from minimal synth and closer to post-punk with the use of more guitars

7. Kite - VI
I had never heard of this synth pop band until I was introduced to them by a friend, and I immediately was drawn to the melodic sounds, high production values, and incredibly unique and intoxicating vocal stylings. Although there are only around 5 tracks on most Kite albums, they always seem to deliver. This album was no exception as it showcases some great melodies and top-notch synth work

6. Blutengel - Omen
One of the hardest working bands in the darkwave scene, Blutengel delivers again with their 2015 album Omen. It brings all that one expects from this band: highly danceable sounds, memorable melodies, and their trademark vamp-inspired atmosphere. Boasting a whopping 24 tracks on the deluxe version, this band shows no signs of slowing down and continues to bring high-quality productions to its listeners each year

5. Tamaryn- Cranekiss
It’s always a risky move when a band changes their sound after having established themselves in a certain genre. Previously Tamaryn had been firmly planted in dream pop and shoe gaze. With the album Cranekiss, the band brings more electro and dance sounds into the mix, and I’m happy to say that the result turned out quite nicely. With tracks like Hands All Over Me, it’s easy to get a strong 80’s pop vibe while still retaining traces of the dream pop they were previously known for

4. IAMX- Metanoia
Although it had been awhile since I had listened to anything from IAMX, the 2015 album Metanoia reminded me exactly why I liked them so much in the first place. The single “Happiness” is probably the best track I’ve heard all year from ANY band and earned IAMX such a high spot on the top 10 list. The rest of the album is solid overall with several other standout tracks that solidify its place among the best of 2015

3. She Past Away- Narin Yalnizlik
Hitting the number 3 spot is the sophomore album from She Past Away, a band that can already be considered among the very best in modern goth rock. Their debut album Belirdi Gece was excellent and established their place in the ranks, but this album actually improved on the first and solidified their status. While many bands falter in their second album when compared to the first, Narin Yalnizlik was excellent the entire way through and serves as a highly recommended follow-up

2. Drab Majesty- Careless
If there’s been any band that I’ve heard this year who has made an absolute impact with their debut, Drab Majesty has proven that they have arrived in style with their album Careless. Mixing post-punk with dream pop and dark wave, Drab Majesty crafts a beautiful sound that is only enhanced with excellent songwriting and memorable melodies. I probably listened to this album more times than any other in my car this year. With standouts like "The Foyer", "Everything is Sentimental", and "Unknown to the I", this is an album that doesn’t disappoint. I very much look forward to hearing more from them in the future

1. Lycia - A Line that Connects
Lycia is in my top three favorite bands of all time for a simple reason. There is not a single other band that I have heard who can match them in terms of emotional depth, mood, and atmosphere. Their albums throughout the 90’s were legendary, and instead of coasting on that success, Lycia shows that they can keep their music fresh by experimenting with new elements and styles while retaining their signature sound. A Line that Connects has something for everyone. Whether it’s dream pop, doom metal, goth rock, or ambient noise, this album is a collage of many different aspects that is all held together by the unique and iconic vocals of Mike VanPortfleet and Tara Vanflower. It packs an emotional punch, never gets boring, and stays memorable from beginning to end. When all these elements are factored in, simply no other band I have heard this year can compare to it which earns A Line that Connects the number 1 spot in my list

-DJ Gomez  has been into Goth culture for 13 years. he started The Catacombs in 2007 and have hosted the show on various radio stations and internet platforms. He DJ's for on The Belfry Network and for Angst Radio out of Brazil. He's also the co-host of Cemetery Confessions.